2024 Quarter Year Reset + Goals Review

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If I am being honest, I’ve never thought too much about doing a quarter year reset. I’ve never even really tried anything outside of a yearly reset. I like to watch/read about other creators doing their weekly and monthly resets, but never considered participating. 

But now, the time has come. Q1 was a bit rough. I didn’t really start out too strong on all fronts and now we’re into Q2 and I’m still kinda struggling. 

So I think the best way to approach a quarter reset is to look over my goals, be honest about how I’ve been doing, and then deciding if what I am doing is working or if it is time to pivot.

My Three Main Goals

  1. Health – working out regularly and adding more color to my meals/managing stress and my mental health
  2. Content – Continuing to grow on my chosen platforms and start my digital shop
  3. Finances – learning more about money, being a bit more frugal, etc.

As you’ll see, my goals seem to form in tiers. So for example health is the overall goal, but the smaller goals are being more active, improving my mental health, and eating better. Which is then broken down further to help me making working towards my goals manageable, such as setting a number of workouts a week, meditating, and tracking what I eat.

So, how will I go about this and how can you?

Think about your current goals and implement a simple method of continuing what is working, stopping or pivoting things that aren’t, and consider adding a new goal if you find gaps.

With that being said, let’s dive right in!


The big three within health are: exercise, mental health, and eating better.

In terms of working out, I was doing fairly well until the end of March. January and February I was getting in about 2 workouts a week. Going into Q2 I need to prioritize working out and would like to start exercising 3x a week, minimum. 

I am flexible on the type of workouts until I get into a consistent schedule, then I’ll revisit this goal and get a bit more specific. 

In terms of mental health, that’s kinda been suffering too. I used to journal but found that after a while it didn’t seem to really help. I did find positive benefits when it came to meditation. 

So as with exercise, I’d like to meditate 3x a week minimum. 

I think the only part of this goal that has been going well is my eating habits. I don’t track what I eat as often as I used to, but find that I am on the right track with incorporating more fruits, veggies, and whole foods into my diet. 

Content Work

The three elements to my content are my blog, my YouTube channel, and eventually opening a digital shop. 

In terms of the blog, my blog is doing fantastic. I finally got approved for Adsense last fall, and am quickly growing month over month. If anything, I need to focus on editing better.

I recently got rid of Grammarly because of an annoying feature. I tried Ginger but found that too limiting. So other than cleaning up editing, my blog is doing pretty well. 

My YouTube channel is seeing some growth, it tends to come in waves but it comes. I’m still figuring out my content and what I want the version of me that is a creator, to look like. 

Lately, editing my videos took priority over doing my workouts. That was a mistake. So I want to pivot a bit, and try ditching a set upload day. 

When I first started I uploaded on Sundays, then switched to Fridays and am realizing that an upload day might actually be hindering my growth in more than just YouTube than I realized. 

As for the digital shop, I’ve decided this summer I’d like to re-open my Etsy shop. But instead of stickers, have a digital shop. Full of planners, trackers, calendars, etc. Digital items to organize your life and keep track of what is important.

That will be a goal to revisit towards the end of Q2 and start getting ready in Q3. 

I think the rest of Q2 needs to be focused on getting back on track, before trying to take on another venture. 

Finance Goals

I do not like to talk about money or finances. That is something I was taught is not to be talked about openly. I am still constantly working on un-programming that kind of thinking. 

I still spend more than I should and with everything being so expensive, money doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to. 

I’ve definitely gotten better at learning to shop sales, but I am very guilty of buying myself lunch as a form of self-care, for example.

Self-care doesn’t need to be expensive or cost me a lot of money. I have to remind myself that self-care is more about taking care of myself and treating myself to luxuries like extra rest, moving my body in fun ways, and enjoying what I already have. 

I’m always watching videos and reading articles about money. But too much can be triggering because of how my family taught me to view money so this goal is going to be a long-term one when it comes to results. 

So as we continue on into Q2, my health and content goals are at the forefront of my priorities. 

Q2 Goals Recap

  • Workout 3x week minimum
  • Meditate 3x week minimum
  • Ditch the upload day
  • Practice self-care in a more frugal way

All in all, this quarter reset has given me a surprising amount of clarity. It’s a lot easier to see where I am falling behind and if I need to pivot over the last couple of months, vs over the last year. 

If you participate in weekly, monthly, or quarterly resets, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! This was my first and definitely not my last.

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