A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas

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“And even if the laws had allowed it, he would never take that away from her: the chance to save herself.”

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Nesta Archeron has always been prickly-proud, quick anger, and snail-like to forgive. Ever since being forced into the cauldron and being turned into high fae against her will, she has struggled to find a place for herself in this strange new world. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to move past the war with Hybern and all she has lost.

The one person who quickens her anger faster than any other person is Cassian, the battle-scared “Lord of Death” whose position within the Night Court keeps him in Nesta’s orbit. The spark between them is undeniable and only burns hotter as they are forced into close quarters with each other.

Meanwhile, the treacherous human queens who have returned to the Continent during the last war, have forged a dangerous new alliance. Which threatens the fragile peace that has finally settled over the realms. The key to keeping the peace, relying on Cassian and Nesta facing their pasts.

Against the magical backdrop of a world seared by war, devastation, and uncertainty, Nesta and Cassian battle monsters from within and out as they search for acceptance and healing. Within themselves and each other.

Thoughts on the Plot

To be honest, there isn’t much in terms of a plot. There is just way too much going on for there to be a real, clear plot.

If I had to guess, the main plot is supposed to be Cassian and Nesta. However, Lucien and the human queens had more plot than Cassian and Nesta.

This book is majorly character-driven, so let’s just dive right in.

Thoughts on the Characters

Buckle in friends, I have a lot of thoughts.

If it wasn’t already clear, in this book Nesta is the main character instead of Feyre. And let me tell you, I was dreading it.

And based on previous interactions between Nesta and Cassian, I knew Cassian would play a bigger role and I absolutely LOVE Cassian.

And let’s just get something out of the way right now, Nessian is NOT on Feysand’s level.

Speaking of Feyre and Rhys, they take quite a back seat in this book which is such a shame because I was far more interested in their storyline.

Nesta clearly has PTSD and needed some fucking compassion but the treatment of her by the inner circle was gross.

I barely recognized the characters in this book.

Elain is praised because she is quiet about her trauma, whereas Nesta is the villain because she handles her PTSD with alcohol sleeping with random strangers, and taking advantage of Feyre. So she deserves the way the IC treats her????

Tamlin also has PTSD and yet is still treated like a personal punching back to literally everyone.

And by extension, Lucien. Who by now knows how unwelcome he is in the Night Court and it’s like, Rhys, honey, he only wants to be there because of Elain. Get some fucking manners and treat Lucien with some respect.

There is a big double standard between the treatment and feelings towards Nesta and Tamlin/Lucien.

Nesta does receive a big character development arc, however, it took like 600 fucking pages???

And inner circle, I am so DISAPPOINTED in you.

Lying to Feyre made me furious but Rhys’s reaction to Nesta being honest with Feyre made my hair light up in flames.

Cassian is such a golden retriever type of boyfriend, but his treatment of Nesta after her talk with Feyre was really gross.

I also need justice for Azriel.

And I really, really need to know the truth from Mor about what happened with Eris.

Eris feels like another character who we don’t like based on the lies of a character we have come to love.

Learning more about the Blood Rite was interesting and it really made me root for Nesta, Emerie, and Gwyn.

This book had way too much smut in my opinion. It could have been considered erotica.

And like I said, Nesta and Cassian are absolutely nowhere near Rhys and Feyre, but jfc.

Put your hands on the headboard” had me rolling. Like okay, Cassian. 👀

This book was exhausting and that ending was HORRID.

Okay, I think I’m done.

Overall Thoughts

I will say, for all I disliked about this book, I did quite enjoy the Valkeries and the friendship Nesta develops with Emerie and Gwyn.

Nesta’s character development comes way too late in the book. I spent at least 65% of the book with my face like this:

Stressed Season 3 GIF by Parks and Recreation - Find & Share on GIPHY

This is the second-worst book in the series to me. It makes me nervous knowing SJM is continuing the series and the next book could be Elain’s.

I have too many thoughts about this book, most of which are criticisms. So I’m going to leave it here.

Please don’t come too hard for me. I wanted to like this and turn into a Nesta Stan but SJM just didn’t do this book justice in my opinion.

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