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A Little Life Update – March 2023

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Within the last month, a lot of things in my life have changed. Many of those changes have been for the better. Despite that, I’ve definitely fallen off track with posting here regularly and I want to fix that. So here’s a little life update and how I plan to get back on track.

Photo of my cat, Ziggy in a little life update.
My cat Ziggy

At the beginning of the year, I had made a goal to really try growing and (hopefully) monetizing my blog. The problem with being an adult is that (for the most part) no one pays all your bills, cleans all your laundry, and cooks all your meals.

Which meant I needed to find a new job as well as continue juggling the many responsibilities adults are required to do. So here’s a little background.

I’ve spent nearly the last decade working in childcare and since the pandemic, struggled to find a new family I truly connected with. I graduated with my bachelor of English in the Spring of 2022 and wanted to finally make the leap out of childcare work.

However, that proved easier said than actually done.

After applying and having some interviews for a year and a half, I finally landed a job!

Ultimately my dream job while in school was to work in publishing. Being a train ride away from NYC left me feeling like there were so many opportunities for me. This kind of thinking proved very wrong.

I went to an online college, so making connections was harder than attending a campus. I think my lack of connections and office experience made me less appealing than other applicants.

And that’s okay.

Now I have a job that is a mix of data entry and marketing. And while it isn’t my dream job, I am still enjoying it nonetheless. (If I had a dream job, I think it would be working for myself, to be honest.)

However, I went from working a 25-hour week as a nanny to working 40 hours a week in my current role.

Current read, matcha from a local shop, and views of the water across the street from my job.

As you can see, I really love the area I work in. It’s close to my home and allows me to really de-focus for a little bit before heading back to work during my lunch break.

I like checking out the little cafes and shops around my job. I mostly enjoy walking in the nice weather and feeling lucky enough to visit the water every day.

Working full-time has definitely taken some time from some of my habits, like reading. I am still reading Babel by R.F. Kuang. And if I am being honest, I have really struggled to find a book that I enjoyed this month.

I’m currently listening to One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid. And thinking about all the books I have DNF’d this month, means my March reading recap is going to be interesting.

I also took some time last weekend to turn my art cart, back into a book cart!

My cart is back to being a book cart!

For the last couple of years, since I started my Etsy shop, this cart has held art supplies. Primarily in the form of markers, pencils, stamps, memo pads I had made for my shop, etc.

It never really felt like it fit me or my environment. I love my little Etsy shop, but it came during a time in my life when I felt really lost at the beginning of the pandemic. So opening a sticker shop felt like a cool thing to do.

The downside? Everyone and their mom also had sticker shops.

Turns out that trying to make a living in an already saturated market is hard. Not impossible, but hard and more time-consuming than I was willing to put in. Especially considering I can’t draw.

So now my cart is used for what it was initially intended for.


Though I will put a disclaimer that (for the moment) there is very little rhyme or reason to what books are on the cart or why which books are on the cart. I have no doubt that eventually, I’ll come up with a system.

With all that being said, that’s what I’ve been up to!

Settling into a new job and organizing my space to feel more like my space.

When I started this blog, my goal was to publish a blog post every Tuesday. I think I’ll try to get back to that goal. Before I started working, I was publishing two to three times a week.

That’s kinda hard now.

Which is also kind of an excuse.

But I acknowledge it and aim to work on it. So, if you liked this update and think I should add them regularly to the blog, I definitely will!

I’ll catch you on the next post, where I’ll finally be posting my review for The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz.

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