About Me

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Cynthia! I love to explore and discuss all things literary and lifestyle.

Before starting this blog, I would journal about any and all of the books I was reading. With a great love for reading, also came a great love for writing. I previously used to regularly post updates on Instagram surrounding my progress as a writer as well as books I have or want to read. (Find me on Instagram here!)

I’ve dabbled in writing my own novels, a craft that I like to think I’ve strengthened since earning my Bachelor’s in English & Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. While also being a proud member of Sigma Tau Delta. (The International English Honor Society)

Now that you get what kind of nerd I am, welcome!

I currently reside in New York with my partner and our fur babies, who all bring so much love and happiness into our lives. When I am not writing on my blogs, I can be found nose-deep in a book, playing with my cat, or snuggling up with my partner. If you’d like to reach out in a way that isn’t in the form of a DM, feel free to reach me at hello@cynthiainthewild.com.