An Epic Fantasy Romance Filled May Reading Recap

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May was a fun month of reading. I unintentionally fell in love with the Legends of Thezmarr series by Helen Scheurer. Other than a very short and dirty fantasy romance audiobook, I spent May (my birthday month!) with Thea & Wilder, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Books I read in May:

  • Wicked is the Reaper by Nisha J. Tuli
  • Blood & Steel by Helen Scheurer
  • Vows & Ruins by Helen Scheurer 
  • Fates & Furies by Helen Scheurer

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Wicked is the Reaper by Nisha J. Tuli

Wicked is the Reaper is a steamy fantasy romance novella, and it left me wanting more. 

Our main character, Rowan, is awaiting the results of The Hunt. Where the man to lay the biggest stag at Rowan’s father’s feet (he’s the King) will be the man to marry Rowan. But her plans to marry her closest friend, get thrown off course, when the Reaper is the one to present the largest stag. 

This book I listened to as an audiobook. The narrator wasn’t the greatest, but I did not even realize how spicy this book would be. Listening to it while at my desk at work was a tad bit awkward. 

But I chose to listen to it, so it’s kind of a moot point. 

Overall, this book was fairly standard in terms of fantasy and romance. But as someone who loves steamy fantasy romance, this was right up my alley. 

I do wish it had been longer. There was plenty of story to go around, but this bite-sized story was fine. 

If anything, my biggest complaint is that I wanted more lead-up between our main characters. 

Wicked is the Reaper gets a solid 3 stars out of 5 stars

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Blood & Steel by Helen Scheurer

I found Blood & Steel recommended in an email from LJ Andrews. And as much as I enjoyed LJ Andrew’s The Ever Seas series, I was excited to dive into The Legends of Thezmarr series. 

In Blood & Steel, we meet Althea Zoltaire. Althea (Thea) has only three years to become the warrior she knows she is destined to be. 

Thea has always trained in secret her entire life in a world where women are forbidden from wielding blades. 

Thea petitions for the right to train, while trying to avoid her attraction to Wilder Hawthorne, her unwilling Warsword chaperone. 

Thea & Wilder have quickly become one of my favorite pairings. I loved the initial world-building in this book and all of the lore. 

Thea has a lot of good growth within in this book and I loved getting to know Wilder more as the series evolved. 

Blood & Steel also has my absolute favorite cast of side characters. Kipp, Wren, Cal, and Tori absolutely had me in a chokehold while simultaneously dying of laughter. 

This book gets 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from me. 

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Vows & Ruins by Helen Scheurer

In the second, Legends of Thezmarr series, Thea has emerged a champion. But nothing is truly as it seems. 

As Thea and Wilder navigate their complicated feelings, war is brewing and dark forces are at play. 

I will also say, this book was quite steamier than the first. 

While the first book had great tension and a slow burn that had me in a chokehold, this book didn’t miss a beat. 

Thea and Wilder were quite frustrating at times. I wanted them to get over themselves already.

Wilder also comes off a bit brutish during quite intimate/romantic moments which kind of ruined it a tiny bit. 

As things become to get clearer in this book in terms of what is really going on and who the bad guys really are, the tension picks up a lot. 

While this wasn’t my favorite book in the series, it held its own and had me anxiously waiting to get to the third book. 

A solid 4 stars out of 5 stars from me. 

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Fates & Furies by Helen Scheurer

As darkness begins to loom in even closer, Thea is desperate for vengeance. After being betrayed by Wilder, Thea hunts him throughout the kingdoms with Cal and Kipp at her side. But when they finally collide, Thea will finally have to make a decision about her new truth. 

This book proves to be complicated for me. The beginning was frustrating, with both Thea and Wilder being extremely hard-headed. 

But there were so many other elements of this book I loved. The ending was by far my favorite. 

Thea’s scene with the three original women’s Warswords had me in a chokehold. My house could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed. 

I loved Wren, Cal, Kipp, and Torj a tiny bit more this book. 

I am so eager to read not only the fourth and last book in this series, but also Slaying The Shadow Prince, which focuses on Talemir Starling, who is Wilder Hawthorne’s mentor. 

And we’ll get to see a younger Wilder! 

I’d also love to see more Malik before his injury too. I feel like he has such a big personality just hiding under his injured exterior. 

4.5 stars out of 5 stars from me. 

May was a good month of reading. I pretty much only read The Legends of Thezmarr series, but enjoyed it quite a lot. 

The fourth book comes out at the end of June (2024) alongside the third book in The Ever Seas series by LJ Andrews and the fourth book in the Kingdom of Lies series by Stacia Stark. 

Currently Reading

Powerful by Lauren Roberts

I’m also currently filming a reading vlog for this one too! 

Powerful focuses on Adena, Pae’s best friend from the slums. While Pae was pulled into the trials, Adena was left behind. In Powerless, we never got to find out, but in Powerful we will. 

A Dream of Blood and Magic by Olivia Boothe

Another ARC! I was very excited when the author reached out to me and described this book as a mix between the movie Franchise Underworld and the Kingdom of the Wicked series. 

And seeing as how I enjoyed both, I’m super excited to see where this book goes! 

A thank you to Olivia Boothe for sending me an ARC copy of her book.

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