An Open Letter to my Present Self

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And to anyone else who might need some words of encouragement.

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Dear Self,

I know you’ve been feeling lost and I know sometimes it feels as though this phase of your life will never end. There has been so much change, most of it good. You completed that degree you never thought you would. You have been more mindful and your mental health has never been better because of it.

It’s okay to feel like you are still in survival mode. But it’s okay to also remind yourself that you aren’t. Don’t do yourself a disservice by forgetting just how far you have come.

You may feel tired and you may even feel like none of this is going to work, but you haven’t given up. That’s not who you are. That feeling doesn’t exist here, because deep down, you and I both know, your dreams are big enough to achieve.

Sometimes you have to get a little lost, feel a little down, stumble around in the dark, in order to find yourself, feel better, and discover the light. There is so much light at the end of the tunnel and this tunnel won’t go on forever.

Every chapter of your life has led you to this one. Your book is far from over. You admire everyone else, but have you admired yourself lately? Have you taken a moment to look in the mirror and remind yourself of all of the amazing qualities that make you who you are?

Because I love how strong and resilient you are. I love that you have set and respected the boundaries you have made for yourself. I love that you prioritize rest as much as you do hard work.

I love you, in case no one has told you yet today.

So take a deep breath, for this too shall pass.

Take a minute to think about your goals. Allow yourself to pivot your plans if necessary. Don’t feel guilty for falling off track or being any less productive than yesterday.

Life is for the living, not only the productive.

I’ll always be here to pick you back up every time you fall down because we’re in this together.

Let’s talk again soon.

“To be lost is as legitimate a part of your process as being found.” — Alex Ebert

Love, Cynthia.

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