Doing Exactly What I Promised I Would

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Even if I don’t want to.

Photo by Nick Gordon on Unsplash

I’ve had an incredibly frustrating morning.

Despite trying not to let it, I’ve allowed my cruddy morning to leak into the tasks I’ve scheduled for the rest of today.

I was originally planning to post a book review for “The Love Hypothesis” by Ali Hazelwood.

But I’m not feeling it.

I feel like a grumpy cat. Waiting for my tortellini to be done so the carbs can try to perk up my mood.

Despite my frustration, I made a promise to myself.

To write every day.

To post every few days.

To be consistent.

So even though I didn’t want to show up today. Even though the day might not get better and the magical powers of carbs may not curb my mood, there is some solace in showing up.

In still proving to myself that a bad day doesn’t mean it needs to be a wasted day.

So my book review will post Wednesday and today I will do my best to put my morning behind me.

I’m going to go let the carbs consume me and work on reframing my mindset for the rest of the day.

I hope your Monday has been better than mine so far.

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