Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco

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“Tell me,” he whispered, his voice sliding like silk over my flushed skin. “What?” My own voice came out breathless. “I am your favorite sin.”

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After selling her soul to become Queen of the Wicked, Emilia travels with the charming Prince Wrath to the Seven Circles and is introduced to the seductive world of vice.

Emilia vows to do whatever it takes to avenge her sister, Vittoria, even if that means accepting the Prince of Pride, the king of demons.

The first rule in the Court of the Wicked is simple. Trust no one. With back-stabbing princes, extravagant palaces, mysterious party invitations, and conflicting clues about who killed her twin, Emilia feels more lost than ever.

Can she trust Wrath or is he keeping dangerous secrets about his true nature?

Emilia will be tested in every way as she seeks a series of magical objects that will unlock clues about her past and the answers she desires.

Thoughts on the Plot

This is a sequel that did NOT disappoint! Like its predecessor, this book is heavily character-driven.

There is a semblance of a plot but it is severely lacking.

The world-building in this book exists and makes a fair bit of sense. But now we are in Hell, rather than some vague place that resembles Italy.

The little bit of plot that does exist lays dormant for most of the book, only surfacing towards the end to provide shock value about the characters and leave you wanting more.

I’d like it if authors could chill out with the over-the-top cliffhangers for a minute. This isn’t directly at Kerri Maniscalco, but jeez.

Give me a second to breathe.

Thoughts on the Characters

Being this book is truly character-driven, I have a lot of thoughts, so buckle up!

Right off the bat, this book jumps from Young Adult (YA) to New Adult (NA) or honestly, even just Adult. There is a lot more spice in this book than the first.

Emilia is still quite annoying in this book. Is she better than Kingdom of the Wicked? Yes. But the plot is still very much there to serve her character, over being an actual plot.

This book has also solidified my love for Wrath! Chapter 17 gave me the major ick and had me giving Wrath some major side-eye for his actions. So maybe I’m just toxic but I love him. 😅

And the big reveal about Wrath? Are we really shocked? Like did we all just collectively gasp? 🙄

There were a few little hints dropped here and there, leading up to the reveal so it wasn’t entirely too shocking.

We also do not get nearly enough of the other princes of hell. Especially considering where we are in this book. But I digress because this is about Wrath and Emilia.

I am not-so-patiently waiting for my Pride book and then Kerri Maniscalco goes and drops news of a Gluttony book for September 2024?! (Throne of Secrets and that cover is 🔥)

I cannot. Literally, I just cannot.

I have a feeling Kerri Maniscalco herself is not yet ready to tackle Pride, Lucia, and Vittoria’s book and that’s fair, but I want it. Please?

Anyways, the princes in this book overall felt a little lacking in respects to their own sins. Even Wrath felt a little on the tamer side.

They’re supposed to be scary demon princes of hell and yet they’re making jokes about b-jobs.

Okay lol

Princes aside, I genuinely enjoyed the slow burn and tension between Wrath and Emilia in this book. Wrath downright makes you melt in this book and has me blushing all over the place.

I also enjoyed the fact that Emilia was never tempted by any of the other princes and remained loyal to Wrath and him to her.

Looking at you Lust. 👀

This book is very romantic and very very very focused on that over other fantasy aspects.

I, however, love the romance and so if you’re not into explicitly spice books and enjoy more fantasy over romance in the romantasy genre, then you might want to sit this one out.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed this book far more than I did Kingdom of the Wicked. And I think I am overdue for a re-read of this series.

Emilia does go through a bit of character development but not nearly enough for her to become a favorite FMC.

The steamy romance between Wrath and Emilia was *chefs kiss*. And Kingdom of the Cursed is way spicier than Kingdom of the Wicked.

The intrigue, world-building, secrets revealed, and tension were just so good.

So overall this book gets 4 stars out of 5 stars from me.

If you have read this book, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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