Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Maniscalco

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“I always knew you. And always will. Your soul calls to mine. It’s a feeling of coming home. Of peace. No magic can duplicate it.”

Please note this review was written to be spoiler-free but so much is revealed in this book that some minor spoilers may be revealed.

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After an outrageous discovery about her twin sister, Emilia is stuck between getting answers and claiming her king, the seductive and charming Prince of Wrath.

Emilia does not simply desire his body but wants his heart and soul, something the demon is not sure he can promise her.

When a high-ranking member of House Greed is assassinated, Emilia and Wrath are drawn to the rival court. And as damning evidence points to someone close to Emilia, she is now tasked with another murder mystery to solve. And quickly, as her loved one is now considered an enemy of the Seven Circles.

Together, Emilia and Wrath play a sin-fueled game of deception as they work to stop the unrest that is brewing between witches, demons, shape-shifters, and the most treacherous of all: the Feared.

Emilia was warned about the Wicked. And as she navigates her new landscape, the truth might just end up costing Emilia her heart.

Thoughts on the Plot

Like the other books in this series, there wasn’t a plot. Let’s be honest, Kerri Maniscalco finally gave in to her intrusive thoughts with this book.

The smut was the plot and boy was there a lot of it.

A lot of what is revealed in this book feels so far away from everything we have learned in the first two books.

The ending also felt super rushed which was beyond annoying as if there was ever a time to rush an ending, perhaps not in the last book of a series. Eh?

I sometimes think this series would have worked far better as a duology than a trilogy. Just cut out a lot of the unnecessary bits.

Anyway, let’s get onto the real plot of these books, the characters.

Thoughts on the Characters

Emilia receives a much-needed confidence boost in this book and for the first time since starting the series, I didn’t want to rip my eyes out of my skull every chapter.

Wrath also felt like someone familiar. We know so much more about him and kinda see more of his true colors? Perhaps?

And now I can finally talk about the character I’ve been waiting for two whole books to talk about.


Fucking Vittoria!!!!!!!

What an infuriating character. Like was there any more substance to Vittoria than being a fucking problem?????

Between Vittoria and her bullshit and her grandmother keeping all that important freaking knowledge to herself. I don’t know who I dislike more.


Making Emilia run around like a mindless idiot for two books.


The problem with the plot lacking so severely is that we end up with a reveal that’s meant for romantic purposes but falls flat because hello. It makes no damn sense to the story thus far.


Okay now that I got that out of the way.

This book is also by far the spiciest in the Kingdom of the Wicked series. Kingdom of the Wicked is pretty tame with a kissing scene and some mildly inappropriate thoughts.

Kingdom of the Cursed sets the tone for the rest of the series with its jump from YA to Adult with the spice.

And then Kingdom of the Feared might as well just remove any last little fragments of the plot and slap an “erotica” label across the front.

However, spice does not equal plot, nor does spice make up for a severe lack of plot.

But I will say it was nice to visit the other princes again. I genuinely love their interactions with Emilia and even though they are literal demons, you’d think Wrath just had 6 human brothers.

Overall Thoughts

Somewhere along the way, Kerri Maniscalco thought turning her books into smut machines would somehow solve all of its problems.

I think the increase in smut throughout the books serves the romance tropes well, but only hinders other aspects of the book.

And my only complaint is that smut felt like it was being used as a crutch, as someone who enjoys smut, I was here for it.

As a reader, I wanted more substance.

The ending wrapped up nicely despite being fairly rushed and the reveal in this book about Wrath and Emilia just made the first two books seem redundant.

However, I do like this series. I could not wait to get my hands on Throne of the Fallen, as it is a spin-off of Kingdom of the Wicked, with a book for each Prince.

As sad as I was to bid farewell to Wrath and Emilia, I did quite like this hot mess of a series.

Overall, this book gets 4 stars out of 5 stars from me. With the series getting 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from me.

Have you read this series? Let me know in the comments!

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