Kingdom of The Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

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“Love is the most powerful magic. Above all else, remember that. It will always guide you where you need to go.”


Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria are streghe, witches who secretly live among humans, keeping to themselves hidden to avoid being noticed or persecuted. One night, Vittoria misses dinner service at the family’s popular Sicilian restaurant.

Emilia goes searching for her, soon finding the body of her beloved twin. Devastated, Emilia begins a journey to find her sister’s killer and get vengeance at any cost, even if it means tapping into forbidden dark magic. 

On her journey of vengeance, Emilia meets Wrath, one of the Wicked. A Prince of Hell whom Emilia has been warned against in tales since she was a child.

Wrath claims to want to uncover the truth behind the series of murders alongside Emilia, but nothing is truly as it seems. And Emilia will have to truly discover who she and her sister are to even begin uncovering answers. 

*Also just a side note that I listened to this entire series and Marisa Calin is a fantastic narrator!*

Thoughts on the Plot

After finishing the whole series, I have a lot of thoughts. Most of my thoughts on this book are not very fangirl-y though, so please keep that in mind.

The plots hold a lot of conveniences, especially when it comes to Emilia and tracking down what happened to her twin sister, Vittoria.

The setting was also incredibly confusing. It is clear we are in Italy, but when?

Emilia’s family owns a renowned Sicilian restaurant so I am guessing maybe sometime during the late 1800’s. Maybe? There was more talk of food than fashion which didn’t help too much either.

The backstory involving Emilia and Vittoria’s ancestor witches was fascinating and lent a small amount to the plot.

The ending was a bit over the top too. I’m kinda getting tired of all these dramatic endings just to keep the reader invested enough to wait for the second book.

The plot fell flat, in my opinion, and recipes were used as a way to continually revive it but just didn’t work.

Thoughts on the Characters

Where do I even begin with Emilia? She was so frustrating in this book. Reckless. Boring. Stupid. The most brainless character in freaking existence.

And like I mentioned earlier, the plot conveniences only existed to serve Emilia. Otherwise this would have 100% been a great cookbook.

Wrath on the other hand, what a book boyfriend! His enemies (forced to work together) to lovers trope with Emilia worked quite well. Despite my gripes about Emilia, I do love her and Wrath as a pairing.

Wrath is also not going to leave unscathed.

Wrath is a Prince of Hell, the leader of his sin, who should be terrifying and wiping even the smallest of enemies off the map.

Yet he is half demon Prince and half sweet Cannoli. (IYKYK)

And despite all of my complaints about Emilia, her and Vittoria’s grandmother was even worse. To sit on all of that knowledge that could have helped Emilia and Vittoria was beyond infuriating.

Speaking of Vittoria, we do not get much of her in this book for obvious reasons, but I do have thoughts on her that I will save for the next book.

We also meet some of the other Princes of Hell but they also tend to fall a bit short of their sin, similar to Wrath.

Overall Thoughts

Despite my many, many complaints, this book did have some redeeming qualities in the fact that there was so much potential.

The execution felt lacking, alongside characters who spent more time getting on my nerves than being entertaining.

I also really enjoyed the chemistry between Wrath and Emilia.

And while it seemed like a lot of people disliked all the talk of food in this book, I rather liked it. I found myself sometimes wanting to jot down what Emilia was making and wanting to make it for myself.

This book is also super YA. In terms of chili peppers, there is one. A kissing scene with flirtation, but nothing much else.

Keep this in mind, however, because the rest of the series becomes much more Adult-themed in nature and climbs in the chili pepper amount. Which you’ll truly understand once I write my Throne of the Fallen review.

This book gets 3 stars out of 5 stars from me.

Have you read this book/series? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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