My First 3 Months on Medium

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Feeling a little lackluster since my last update.

My first 3 months on Medium - the article photo is of a woman sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop.
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Before I recap my first 3 months on Medium, check out my first month on Medium.

My first month on Medium was an adventure. I was extremely hopeful when I first signed up and despite my initial anxiousness over hitting ‘publish’ I was nonetheless excited. And extremely happy that I decided to just get started.

So how am I faring two months since my one-month update?

In my opinion, I am doing okay. So let’s jump in.

1. My Writing

I don’t want to be too repetitive, but since joining Medium on May 23rd of this year, I have written mostly book reviews and written about topics such as life lessons and productivity.

Before my first month was up, I began to realize that articles about money and Medium performed much better. I still think this is true two months later.

Since writing about my first month on Medium, I do feel I have lost a little bit of that community I initially found. I blame myself for that though. The amount of other writers and articles I interact with has severely declined.

As the Read for Read (R4R group I joined started by Indigo) grows, I find my own readership slowing down in that capacity too.

In short, I have allowed real life to take over and my writing has suffered. As this season comes to a close and I am settling into a new (much calmer) job, I am looking forward to getting back to being consistent and rebuilding the community I have neglected.

2. My Audience Stats

Unlike my first month which I experienced a small spurt of growth, these last two months have been slower. Considering what I touched upon earlier about my lack of interaction, I’m not too surprised.

Screenshot by Author

As you can see, since June I have gained 104 followers, and 1 email subscriber, and have lost the referred member I had in June. I was a little sad to see them go, but I’m glad they decided to give Medium a try through me.

I do still have all of my articles metered, which means that only other Medium members with a membership can access all of my articles. Not sure if this method is flawed and perhaps I should publish some articles unmetered, I don’t necessarily want to start experimenting.

Many of my new followers I do consider to have found me through the R4R group or when I leave a comment on another writer’s article.

With that said, let’s segway right into,

3. Money

I’m still going to preface this by saying that I haven’t earned thousands on Medium in my short few months here.

Screenshot by Author

In the last two months, I have earned $5.85!

(I count the months as the 23rd to the 23rd, so there were a couple of cents to add to the total between July and August.)

You can pinpoint exactly when I dropped a lot of my interaction on Medium. July was in line with my June earnings, around $4. I will finish August with barely $2 and I think this drop is a good reflection of my lack of interaction and honestly, a drop in my interest in Medium as well.

I do still cross-post my articles both here and on my blog, Cynthia In The Wild. Though articles about Medium, I post mainly on Medium. My blog has seen small spurts of growth over the last couple of weeks as my articles begin to slowly rank on Google, which is exciting.

Final Thoughts

I feel really motivated to turn my stats around. I’d love to be able to refer another member to Medium, even if it is only for a month. I’d also like to be a bit more interactive and let go of the feeling that my content isn’t good enough or worthless because it isn’t about the more popular topics on Medium.

Overall, I have found Medium to truly be a community platform first and foremost. This makes me hopeful about rebuilding a community and continuing to find like-minded writers.

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