On A Quiet Street by Seraphina Nova Glass book review

On A Quiet Street by Seraphina Nova Glass

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I don’t think I even read this book. I simply devoured it in a day. The intriguing storyline and fantastically wrapped up ending live rent-free in my head.

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Brighton Hills is touted as an exclusive community with the perfect mix of luxury and natural beauty, located on the Oregon coast.

Magazine-worthy homes nestled beneath beautiful Douglas firs, with lush backyards that lead down to the lakefront.

It’s the kind of place where neighbors look out for neighbors. Even if some look a little too closely sometimes.

Cora believes her husband Finn is cheating on her and needs to catch him in the act. This is where Paige comes in. Grieving the loss of her son to a hit-and-run accident the year prior, Paige has little left to lose. As she spies on locals, searches for proof that her son’s accident was no “accident” at all, and agrees to help Cora to reveal what kind of man Finn truly is.

As Cora and Paige plot, their quiet and reclusive neighbor Georgina, continually acts stranger and stranger every day, but what could a beautiful young mother possibly be hiding?

Beyond the stunning open floor plans and pristine marble countertops, Brighton Hills is full of secrets. Some big, some small, some deadly. And each one is about to make its way to the surface.

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Thoughts on the Plot

There is so much drama in this book and so many twists. The big reveal is one thing I did NOT see coming.

The narrator follows the three main characters: Cora, Paige, and Georgina.

With each narration from a different character, the plot moves along nicely. We are able to learn things throughout the story that we might not have if the narrator had stuck to one character.

The tone of the book also shifts quite dramatically as well too.

The beginning of the book is a bit more light-hearted while it becomes quite chaotic and scary as the story continues.

I don’t want to give too much away, but there are some dark themes within this novel. Such as abuse, gaslighting, and infidelity.

Thoughts on the Characters

The characters in this book will appeal to different readers, for different reasons. I related the most to Cora and her experience with Finn.

But because all of the characters were written so well, I could also understand Paige and Georgina’s struggles too. The connections weaved nicely between the three women too. Connecting each of them in very different ways.

Something I did not expect out of this book was all of the girl power. The women supporting women theme that thrives in this book is one of my absolute favorite aspects.

Despite their own individual struggles, Cora, Paige, and Georgina lean on each other and become a source of strength, rather than leaving each other to their own struggles.

As I mentioned in the plot, there are a lot of dark themes and these characters truly go through it in their own ways.

Final Thoughts

I genuinely enjoyed this book. I don’t want to give too much away but I definitely recommend this book.

Definitely, be warned about the dark themes within this novel. But if you’re looking for a well-written domestic thriller, grab a copy of this book ASAP!

This book gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me!

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