One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid – Book Review

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Out one evening with your fiance and your parents, you get a phone call from your husband, who has been presumed dead for three years. Which love do you choose?


Emma Blair is in her twenties, married to her high school sweetheart Jesse, and traveling the world. Together, they have built a life in Los Angeles, running away from the lives their parents wanted for them. Emma to run her parent’s book store and Jesse’s parents dreams of him becoming a successful, professional swimmer.

Yet on their first wedding anniversary, Jesse is on a plane that crashes over the Pacific Ocean on its way to Alaska. Just like that, their fairytale life in LA is over.

Emma is left a widow. To decide what the trajectory for the rest of her life will look like, without Jesse.

So she moves home, decides to take over her parent’s bookstore, and convinces herself that not only is it okay, but it is time to find happiness again.

Happiness she finds in Sam. A boy who had a crush on her in high school but was friend-zoned right out of the gate by Emma. But now he’s all grown up. They fall in love and Emma begins to believe she has found her second chance at true love.

Until one night when Jesse calls, three years after his plane went down, he’s somehow survived.

And he wants Emma back. He wants their life back.

But Emma isn’t the same Emma she was three years ago. She will have to choose one love and let go of another.

My Thoughts

One True Loves walked, so The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo could run.

I really enjoyed this book. It is one of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s earlier books and you can tell by the writing style. The plot line is fairly simple as well. But it works.

The story is sweet and completely complicated.

The characters are fairly likable. The humor sprinkled throughout the book was enjoyable. While it wasn’t overly emotional, I did feel a tiny tug on my heartstrings. This book is not very spicy. It has some moments but is not even close to ACOTAR-level spice. So you can 100% read this in public.

I guess you could say this book is fluffy with a sprinkle of spice.

This story felt like a nice palette cleanser between the piles of domestic thrillers I have been reading lately.

The Characters

Emma is sweet, if not a little bit misguided and indecisive. I like that her relationship with her sister, Marie, is complicated and messy and it takes life’s hardships for them to finally semi-understand one another.

Emma’s parents (to me) felt like the comedic relief. Supportive and caring, with plenty of quips to go around.

Jesse is your fairly stereotypical jock. Except he doesn’t suck. He is full of energy and cares so deeply for Emma.

Sam is sweet and quiet-natured. He also clearly loves Emma and is able to give her the space she needs, even if he doesn’t exactly like it.

Both are very much the fictional men we wish existed in real life.

I really liked all these characters. They had quirks and faults but were not unbearable.

Final Thoughts

This was a quick, intriguing read. I really liked the premise and felt like TJR did a good job with the execution. I am slowly working my way through all of TJR’s books and so far have enjoyed every single one I have read.

This book gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Have you read any TJR books lately? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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