One True Loves Movie Adaptation Review

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Not too long ago One True Loves popped up on my feed in Hulu. 

And while I enjoyed the book, the trailer looked semi-interested, so I figured why not. So without wasting too much time, let’s dive right in!

Book Summary

Emma Blair is in her twenties, married to her high school sweetheart Jesse, and traveling the world. Together, they have built a life in Los Angeles, running away from the lives their parents wanted for them. Emma to run her parent’s book store and Jesse’s parents dreams of him becoming a successful, professional swimmer.

Yet on their first wedding anniversary, Jesse is on a plane that crashes over the Pacific Ocean on its way to Alaska. Just like that, their fairytale life in LA is over.

Emma is left a widow. To decide what the trajectory for the rest of her life will look like, without Jesse.

So she moves home, decides to take over her parent’s bookstore, and convinces herself that not only is it okay, but it is time to find happiness again.

Happiness she finds in Sam. A boy who had a crush on her in high school but was friend-zoned right out of the gate by Emma. But now he’s all grown up. They fall in love and Emma begins to believe she has found her second chance at true love.

Until one night when Jesse calls, three years after his plane went down, he’s somehow survived.

And he wants Emma back. He wants their life back.

But Emma isn’t the same Emma she was three years ago. She will have to choose one love and let go of another.

Book vs. Movie – The Positives

This movie truly felt like reading the book. 

Except the characters were on the screen instead of in my head. 

Everything from the book felt like it was included in the movie and the writers truly did not stray far from the book when putting this movie together.

I am a huge fan of Simu Liu and so him playing Sam was really just the cherry on top. 

Book vs. Movie – The Negatives

This movie reminded me a lot of Where The Crawdads Sing adaptation. There was so much to fit in such a short amount of time.

The main difference was that this movie felt so incredibly rushed. The chemistry felt very forced and I found myself wishing it had been just 30 minutes longer. 

If I had not read the book, I would NOT have liked this movie at all. 

I really disliked how glazed over the series parts of this book were. The main characters grief and depression at the beginning of the book is heavy and really sets up the main character. 

The movie glazing over that ruined it, but again, if I had not read the book then I probably wouldn’t have thought too hard about it. 

The acting was also kinda…cringe?

It felt like the first movie all of the actors had ever participated in or like a really good looking college production and I don’t know. 

The bad acting attributed so much to the lack of chemistry between the characters. 

Overall Thoughts

I really wanted to love this one. It felt like seeing what was in my head, but on the screen. 

But that’s kinda it. The acting didn’t work for me, and the movie was so incredibly rushed. 

The book got a solid 4 stars out of 5 stars from me. If I were rating the movie out of 5, I’d probably give it a 1 star out of 5

But I am biased because the book is always better.

Grab a copy here!

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