The Ever King by L.J. Andrews – A Dark Fantasy Romance

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“I am in your hands, I am at your command, for you have made me love you, and you will be my destruction because of it.”

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For years Erik, the scarred king of the Ever Kingdom, has waited for his moment of vengeance against the man who killed his father. And trapped him beneath the waves, making Erik a prisoner in his own realm.

That is, until his enemy’s daughter unintentionally breaks the chains on the Ever, allowing Erik to make her his unwitting pawn in his dangerous game of revenge.

She’s innocent and he is vicious. However, Erik will pay whatever the cost, to get back what he has lost.

Unless she manages to steal his heart first.

Authors note: “Welcome to the dark world of The Ever. I hope you enjoy the book and the deep, possessive romance between Livia and Erik. That is the reason for this note—some might find early actions of our morally grey Ever King the kind that blurs the lines of right and, well, brutal.”

Thoughts on the Plot

The Ever Seas is a spin-off of the Broken Kingdoms series, in those books, Erik is a child. I just want to preface that I did not read that series first and still thoroughly enjoyed the start of this series.

I will say right off the bat, I wish there had been a bit more world-building. I found myself incredibly curious about the other types of fae and their powers.

Though the book starts on land, we do end up under the water as that is where Erik’s kingdom is located. So I think my curiosity got me with this one.

Unlike the world-building, I found I enjoyed the pacing of this book. Things happen fairly quickly and personally, that was something I enjoyed.

I’d say this book is a good mix between plot and character-driven.

Thoughts on the Characters

Before I write anything about Erik Bloodsinger, let it be very clear, he had my heart clutched in his wretched, despicable, villainous hands the whole time I read this book.

(Azriel might have competition, but I still prefer bat wings over pirate ships.)

With that being said, I liked our FMC Livia. She is someone who wants to leave the world a better place than she found it. Despite being kidnapped, Livia makes the best of it.

Even bonding with those closest to Erik. coughSewellcough

And she is the perfect opposite of Erik, who is truly a villain. He has a lot a lot at the hands of Livia’s father and he wants revenge.

There is a bit of childhood friends, to enemies, to lovers going on here and it works pretty well.

Despite their pasts, both Erik and Livia can’t help but draw towards each other. Livia, despite being a captive, finds herself falling in love with Erik’s land. So much so that she can help heal what has been tainted.

Which in turn leads Erik to, perhaps unwittingly, fall in love with Livia.

The tension between them was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. There is also a virgin trope at play, but not virginal which helped. Livia would have just been too good at that point.

The side cast of characters were also plenty interesting. I didn’t see the twist coming but I feel like I rarely do. I didn’t really like who did the betraying but that is neither here nor there.

The smut was also *chef’s kiss*.

(This book is probably 3.5 out of 5 🌶️ as it is open door and there is a build-up.)

I would love to know more about the Fae and their differing powers and whatnot. It seemed like each type of fae was granted a power that correlated with where they originated from.

For example, Livia is a land fae and easily connects to the earth.

But I liked the characters in this book, some of them were a little cheesier than others but overall enjoyable.

Overall Thoughts

This book took me by surprise. I went in blind and ended up enjoying myself and the story.

There is (according to the author/other readers) lore from the Broken Kingdom series, but it went right over my head. However, I am considering reading the series to get a fuller picture of Erik’s past.

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on a physical copy and do a re-read and possibly even draw little hearts around Erik’s name in later scenes.

Yeah, it’s okay, I cringed at that too.

And seeing as this book made my favorite books of 2023 list, it should be no surprise that this book gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

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