Throne of the Fallen by Kerri Maniscalco

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“Her warmth enveloped him almost instantly, her scent filling the space between them until all he could think of was how much he envied her perfume for touching her skin when he couldn’t.”

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The Prince of Envy has never claimed to be a saint. But when a cryptic note arrives, signaling the beginning of a deadly game, he knows he will need more than a hint of sin to win and save his falling demon court.

Riddles, hexed objects, anonymous players, nothing will stand in Envy’s way. Though nothing could prepare him for the frustrating artist who ignites his sin like no other.

Miss Camilla Antonius has had her fair share of run-ins with scoundrels while living in Waverly Green. She is currently being blackmailed by the most notorious rake after a desperate mistake on Camilla’s part.

To avoid scandal and ruining her reputation, Camilla is forced to enter into a devil’s bargain with Envy. Unknowing his games will awaken her true nature.

Together, Envy and Camilla must embark on a dangerous journey to the Underworld, while trying to avoid the most dangerous trap of all: falling in love.

This book is the first in the Princes of Sin series, which is a spin-off of Kingdom of the Wicked. However, it is not necessary to read those books first.

Thoughts on the Plot

The main plot focuses on an Unseelie king who was gotten Envy to play a deadly game to save his failing court.

The other parts of the plot are lost to the smut.

There was a little bit of Bridgerton vibes going on and I highly enjoyed that aspect.

While I do not particularly like Envy, he is a major “touch her and you die” trope and so he has my respect for that.

Part of me wishes Kerri Maniscalco would stop trying to marry murder mysteries with erotica but alas the woman cannot be stopped so here we are.

In terms of world-building, we start in a town called Waverly Green and not much else seems to matter. Not long after we are plunged back down into Hell, and exploring other places we did not see much of in the Kingdom of the Wicked series.

Like the vampire court.

Thoughts on the Characters

Listen, I love Camilla (our FMC) so much more than I do Emilia, and for two simple reasons.

  1. Camilla has a brain
  2. Camilla uses her brain

And like I mentioned earlier, I am not an Envy Stan. I am a Wrath girl, waiting for Pride, while secretly eyeing Lust.

But back to Envy, throughout the Kingdom of the Wicked series, he rather annoyed me. So a whole 600+ page book about him and his man parts didn’t initially make me super excited for this book.

But I love this world so I was excited nonetheless.

Early on, Camilla and Envy are primarily just physically attracted to each other. It starts fast and comes on strong and I wasn’t a big fan of that.

What can I say? I like a slow burn.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the twist towards the end with Camilla. It felt a little misleading, but I digress.

Camilla and Envy teased each other, a lot. And that is an understatement. And I wanted to root for them, but it just got so repetitive.

The side characters in this book were superior, however. Can we go back to the Vampire Court for more Blade scenes?

I also very much enjoyed the banter and dialogue between the princes of hell.

But why did Kerri Maniscalco do my man Wrath dirty like that? He came across as such a dry, boring, stick-shoved-up-my-rear, kind of character it was shocking.

But that aside, this book had a lot of great characters and if Kerri Maniscalco can do anything with her writing, it’s 1. Make me blush and 2. Craft fantastic character-driven stories.

Overall Thoughts

To be honest, this book had way too much freaking smut. After the scene with Camilla in the carriage, I have no idea how I didn’t DNF this book.

The plot was very much all over the place and it was clear the characters were running the show. Which is insane because this book is so long.

I wanted a lot more depth when it came to Envy and Camilla.

I also enjoyed diving back into the Kingdom of the Wicked world and getting a peek at what Emilia and Wrath have been up to.

And I very, very, very much enjoyed the Regency vibes at Waverly Green and the Bridgerton-esque feel going on early on in the book.

All in all, this book gets a solid 3.5 stars out of 5 stars from me. While I will always appreciate Kerri Maniscalco for that throne scene. The smut was too much and it took far too long to get to the point. And I still don’t even like Envy.

Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments!

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