When Will Working in Childcare Finally Become a Thankful Job?

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Your daycare teachers are drowning.

When Will Working in Childcare Finally Become a Thankful job? Image of a hand sticking out of ocean waves, a sense of drowning and feeling stressed.
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Recently, I went back to working in childcare. I worked hard to earn my degree, in hopes I would finally be able to leave the childcare industry.

Working with children is a tireless, underappreciated, underpaid, and thankless job.

Despite my burnout over working with children, specifically infants, over the past 8 years, I knew it was a job I would be able to get. I have already spent eight months trying to find a job in my degree field, with not much luck.

(I am still trying, but financially, could not continue waiting and applying any longer.)

There is a lot of competition and I have yet to measure up.

Going back to being an assistant teacher makes me feel like I am being punished.

I work part-time because I still want to have time to focus on my other projects. Such as growing my blog and Etsy shop. I have a lot of other plans and I don’t want to put them on the back burner anymore.

Yet despite showing up on time, giving the babies in my room my undivided attention, love, and affection. I am still treated the same as the teachers who call out on a regular basis.

I am still held to an unrealistic standard by not just the director of the school, but also the parents, and sometimes even my fellow teachers.

My point in this article is not to complain about my job, but rather to ponder why it is we devalue some of the most important people in a child’s most important time of development?

Can you imagine what the world might have been like if we had more teachers who genuinely loved the kids they cared for?

Sometimes I can, but I can also acknowledge that some people are just born who they are. No amount of love and attention will change them.

One day, I am confident I will be able to close the chapter of childcare in my life for good. I am confident that if I continue working on my goals and looking for positions within my degree field, I will find them. This is temporary.

But even after I’ve left childcare behind and I one day consider the needs of my own future family, I will wonder if childcare has finally become a thankful job to have.

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